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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

I’ve been listening to Robyn on repeat all morning. The release of Gaga’s new song has put me in a dance/club music mood.. and good thing, because tonight I’m going to a club for a friend of a friend’s birthday. Hope the dance floor is ready for my moves… but seriously, I may be the worst dancer of all time..if only that stopped me.

Moving on… yesterday was Friday! I got off work 2 hours early so I got to go on a run outside when it was SUNNY out. I ran about 2.5 miles, and I’m still pretty slow and sluggish but still nothing beats moving outside when it’s sunny out. When I was done with my run I stretched but then had to quickly rush around to meet friends. I went to a Sixers game so I wasn’t able to eat dinner until around 10 pm. We decided to get something quick and delicious so we settled on Maoz, my favorite fast-vegetarian food place. It’s a chain that serves fried falafel in a pita with a bar of ammenities like pickles, beets, tabouli, etc. For my pita I stuffed it with yogurt sauce, beets, pickles, olives, tomato and onion, cilantro sauce, tabouli, and cabbage. May have gone a little bit overboard but I couldn’t resist all the veggie goodness.


Mmmm…. Maoz…


This morning I decided to try something adventurous with my breakfast: poaching an egg. I had never poached an egg, I usually stick with basic omelettes of scrambled eggs, partially because I didn’t start liking eggs until college. I did my own remix of an eggs benedict using a premade packet of hollaindaise sauce. I served the poached egg atop an english muffin with goat cheese and a bed of sauteed spinach (tip: sauteed the spinach with veggie broth instead of oil to cut down on the fat). Poured the premade sauce and voila: my first eggs benedict! Unfortunately the sauce was nowhere near lemony enough and was too buttery.. when I have more time next time I’ll make my own hollandaise creation. But I sprinkled some lemon pepper on top and all in all it wasn’t bad for a first try.


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