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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

So I’ve noticed that I have a pattern. During the week I’m pretty good at eating at home and eating nutritional foods in good portions. However, I am a TERRIBLE snacker. I’ll snack on anything… even handfuls of mexican cheese (yes, it’s happened). And while I’m able to be pretty good during the week (despite my crazed sporadic snacking)… my weekends are full of eating out and splurging. Am I a terrible splurger? No. I have my moments but I’m by no means the worst. But I need some serious goals and a serious eating plan if I ever plan on losing 10 pounds and toning up.

Today, opportunity presented itself: I walked into the office, saw some donuts with a sign that said “Happy Fat Tuesday”. I didn’t exactly scoop  up a donut (thankfully I’ve never been a fan), but I realized that tomorrow starts Lent: 40 days where you are supposed to give up something you love and not eat meat on Fridays, with occasional days of fasting. I grew up Catholic, and I’ll be honest… I was TERRIBLE at Lent. Every attempt to give up something usually failed: diet coke, mcdonalds, etc. Well this year I am going into Lent with some concrete goals for my eating as well as things I am seriously giving up. No more being half assed and giving myself the weekends off; it’s time.

Food Goals

– only go out to eat on special occasions; and when I do I must eat the healthiest option I can find.

– only eat whole grains/try to eat majority whole foods

– exercise 4-6 times a week

– eat at least one vegetable and one fruit a day

– drink the recommended 8 cups of water a day

– drink less coffee

– watch portions!!

– only eat meat 3 times a week

– eat better breakfasts (not as much instant oatmeal)

-Reduce oils

– Post EVERYTHING I eat in this blog.

– Post everytime I workout

– limit the alcohol use to special occasions. Make up for those empty calories!

Food I’m Saying Bye-Bye to for the Next 40 Days:

– No more hamburgers.

– No more CHIPS (this will be very sad)

– No more sweet desserts, unless it is fruit or something very low fat.

– No more fast food. This includes fast food pizza.

– No more lattes. If I’m going to drink coffee, it will be coffee.

– no appetizers

– no more overdoing it on snacks


Now while I’m making all of these changes for Lent, I’m going to make some personal goals as well.

Personal Goals

Do not lose my cell phone

– Keep better track of money spent

– Only watch at most an hour of television a day

– Read more

– Practice the piano at least an hour a week

– Finish my resume

– Apply for at least 2 jobs a week starting March 14th


Fat Tuesday with Fatness and Guilty Pleasures

Just because I’m saying bye tomorrow means I’ll be spending sometime with my favorite guilty pleasures today; it is Fat Tuesday after all!  This afternoon I had a healthy lunch of lentil chili, but accompanied it with one of Starbucks new mini bites (delicious and low calorie for a dessert) and a caramel light latte. My dinner plans? Chipotle veggie tacos. Maybe some kind of dessert (yes two desserts in one day I am going crazy).Also when I get home, I plan on watching some of my favorite guilty pleasures tonight… Watch out Real Housewives and Lifetime, tonight’s your last night.

Wish me luck, it’s going to be a rough 40 days but it’s something I’ve got to do!

Bye Bye Fatness



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