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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

So last night I decided to quickly make some overnight oats. This batch consisted of:

1/2 cup of rolled oats

1/2 cup of soy milk

1/4 scoop of chocolate Amazing Grass

1/4 cup of Dried Pineapple

1/3 cup of Tj’s Frozen Berries

Now these oats were pretty okay and filling but… kind of a fail. The dried fruit became really hard on the fridge and everything didn’t mix too well. Oh well lesson learned; always mix the ingredients before putting them in the fridge. After my morning oats I stopped at Dunkin for some coffee with skim milk (I miss lattes) and all morning I’ve been eating my peanut butter chickpeas (probably around 10 of them). At work everyone’s ordering Chinese… I tried saying I was fine but I was getting weird looks and comments so I just opted for some steamed veggie dumplings so hopefully those won’t be too bad. Oh well, guess I’ll just kick it into overdrive tonight with my workout.

For dinner I’m bringing the bf some salmon and mushrooms.. so it’s off to search my inbox and the internets for some delicious salmon recipes!


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