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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

I’m considering downloading the WordPress app on my phone (but it’s 2 dollars, ugggh) so I can update on a regular basis. But until I do that here’s a quick run down of this weekend, which was really great and relaxing. Again, maybe not a successful weekend for lent…I splurged. Friday the bf’s roommate broke out the grill since it was 75!!! degrees out. He offered me a hamburger, and I simply couldn’t turn it down because a) it was free b) nothing beats a grilled burger. Afterward we all headed to a local bar, and I indulged in a couple of drinks; it was Friday after all! Saturday the bf and I journeyed to Trader Joe’s where I bought the world… well not quite, but certainly splurged. That night we made this recipe I found for Greek baked shrimp from YumSugar, and it was totally worth the extra dollars we spent to make it happen. We paired it with some red wine, and spent the night watching some basketball and hanging out with his roommates and the cute puppy they’re babysitting.

Awww sleepy puppy..

Since Sunday is not considered a day of Lent, Sunday has become my cheat day. Because of this, I made an avocado/anchovy dip I found from YumSugar and paired it with chips!  I’m trying not to go too overboard on Sundays,  but with that dip and my favorite Tostitos chips… I may have, just a weeee bit. And because Arizona ended up winning against Texas, the bf and I had some victory froyo from Yogurt City in Newark. I had a red velvet/cheesecake/cookies and cream combination with cookie dough bites, walnuts, pineapple, and kiwi. So okay, yeah, I overdid it.

New Goals

I’m keeping up with Lent, and I really am going to try and be better during the weekend. To my credit, I did go on a hike on Saturday and did not go out to eat at all. So go me!

I’d also like to make some more concrete fitness goals. Namely, I am definitely doing the April 15th  5k. I’m nervous because I’ve only been doing treadmill running, but I think I’ll be able to do it. Also, I have one big goal: next year, I want to be able to complete the New York Half Marathon. I know it’s a year from now and who knows where I’ll be living; but right now completing a half marathon seems crazy. Every blog I see and every time I log onto Facebook people are completing them; and if I keep up with running I think maybe I can do it too. So wish me luck!


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