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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

So it was really great to have my friend Eleanor visit, but can’t say I was too good with the whole “diet” or whatever thing… but it was totally worth it. Saturday we went to the most delicious mexican restaurant ever, Cantina Los Caballitos. We were starving and the minute we sat down they brought us chips and two kinds of salsa: tomato and salsa verde. We wolfed those down along with some tasty pineapple margaritas (they had so many flavors! I tried the pineapple and raspberry which were both awesome).

Picture from their website

Then I finally got my entree and WOW. I ordered the seitan and smoked tofu fajitas and they were fantastic. There was so much food and I kept eating and eating until I legitimately couldn’t anymore. I tried some of Eleanor’s steak fajitas, and the steak was really great and not chewy at all.

Eleanor left Sunday, and Sunday I stuck with some fast eats; pasta bowl and dumplings. Today I woke up feeling ill, so for lunch/breakfast all I had was a smoothie whose recipe I found in Self magazine. It was an apple pie smoothie, consisting of an apple, greek yog, almond butter, agave syrup, granola, and almond milk. To be honest… I was not very impressed by this smoothie. It was filling but the consistency was just kind of off; might be because I need a better blender but I definitely will not be repeating that.

Today the weather was BEAUTIFUL, so I went on a run to City Hall and back (a little over 4 miles). Afterwards I did the Biggest Loser Sculpting DVD and then made a Spiced Potato Yogurt Flat Bread. Followed it with some herbal tea and raspberries. I’ve gotta say, I may have slipped up this weekend but today was great workout/eating wise.


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