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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

31.1! Actually it’s not at all… still got a few years to go. But, I just took the Real Age test which evaluates your real age based on health, diet, exercise, feelings, etc. It was pretty long but pretty informative/a reminder that I really need to go in for a check-up. It’s been years, but sadly the insurance that my current position provides me doesn’t cover the majority of docta visits. Thankfully, the test said that overall my health, diet, and exercise were younger/on point… what aged me was stress/financial stress, etc (not a surprise). All of these are things that will change I believe within a year, but still improvements can always be made now. Anywho if you want to check it out it’s here.

Anyway yesterday was the girls dinner night with my friends Becky and Lindsay. It was nice to see friends and catch up on all the jeopardy episodes this past week (I never get to see jeopardy now because of my workout schedule). I made an avocado anchovy dip along with pita chips, and I made peanut butter oatmeal cookies instead of almond butter. The dip was delicious as usual… and I’m pretty sure I ate the majority of it (cardio makes me hungraaay). My friend Lindsay made us an African couscous that was full of yummy veggies and had a serious kick to it, which I loved. The cookies were actually better than the almond butter ones; I used rolled oats instead of steel cut so the consistency was a lot more light and fluffy. Over all, it was a night of eating, chatting, and some goofin’ around like this:


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