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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

So I don’t know how exactly this happened… but I am seriously, running out of food. Maybe because I splurged on stupid purchases like peppermint extract or whatever I got for the shamrock shake, or maybe because I kept going on random shopping trips, or maybe because I eat primarily at home.. but I have to last through another week and half with $1 in food stamps and very little food. What do I have left? Oats, almonds, some almond butter, agave, cocoa powder, 2 frozen bananas, some kale, 1 thing of celery, 1 package of tofu, three or four chicken sausages, thai curry sauce, less than half a package of quinoa, maybe one serving of pasta, some frozen salmon bits/peas, a can of tomatoes, and a can of salmon. This may sound like a lot.. but for 7+ days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. it could prove interesting.

In other news… I actually took the plunge and weighed myself at the gym. And guess what?! THREE pounds away from my goal weight. I haven’t been this light since sophomore year of college, perhaps earlier. I also haven’t been this toned since.. who knows when (not to say I’m super toned, but I never consistently worked out like I do now).

This would be me sophomore year.. I no longer have the tan, but unfortunately still have the dance moves.

So last night I decided to celebrate with 3 celery sticks with eggplant dip, a whole lotta kale chips (I used pam to save on calories), and my last TJ crab cake with a greek yogurt/mustard dip. Followed that up with banana and strawberry soft serve (1 frozen banana and three frozen strawberries blended with 2 tbsps of greek yogurt). It was all so delicious, and I was so full.

Because of my food crisis, today I had my last green smoothie and I’ll be finishing up my TJ red pepper soup/last masala burger for lunch. Hopefully I’ll get my food stamps soon, this is not a good situation!


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