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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

So yesterday’s cardio workout was good, except my weave (hair) was NOT cooperating. I have crazy curly hair, and the humidity was making it super poofy/unwilling to stay in a pony tail. I think I had to stop around 3 times just to fix my hair…. no good. Anyway, I will post the workout once I successfully complete it without stopping/hair issues. After the gym, I spoke with my friend Becky who runs races/does triathalons. I want to do a 10k, and there’s one coming up in June but I’m worried that could be too soon. She thinks I’m ready, but I don’t know I’m still not sure if I will be if I only have a month and a half to train. We’ll see, we at least decided to run a 5k together in May which will be fun!

Anyway, moving on to eats. Last night’s dinner was AMAZING. I sauteed some kale, half an onion, and the rest of my can of salmon in a pan with canola cooking spray and topped it with a homemade spicy almond butter sauce. It was so pretty, and I’m so sad my phone’s camera is on the fritz/my camera is dead. Hopefully I’ll get to put up more pictures in the future… technology is not making it easy. For breakfast, I made a carrot cake bowl that I found in ChocolateCoveredKatie. I probably should have steamed another carrot, so I’m thinking of trying it again tomorrow. Today’s lunch is also pretty and super colorful. I made a salad of kale, onion, celery, soy chorizo, tomato, and red pepper spread, along with a slice of rustico. I nuked it in the microwave for a minute (I didn’t feel like making dressing/didn’t want to overdo it with the pepper spread so I was worried about it being too dry and bland as a salad). The result? Yummy steamedish veggies that I paired with a serving of low sodium V8 juice.

I’ve got to say, I am loving having food because I am just a cooking machine right now.  Tonight might be a freezer food meal, depending on whether or not I’ll be allowed to attend this beginner’s yoga class with my Groupon.


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