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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

So this past week I’ve been pretty busy at work and then busy doing chores at home, so to be honest blogging hasn’t been a top priority. Ok so half of it is lazyness; but it’s tiring working then working out then running errands! Even my eats have been a little lazy; some ravioli cooking, some dumpling cooking… nothing special (with the exception of my tofu pineapple curry stir fry the other day).

Working out has also been lazier than usual, sort of. The week following my 5k, I started experiencing a lot of pain around my knee and consulted my friend who is a physical therapy grad student. Apparently my IT band was giving me the ouchies, making running a painful endeavor/any athletic activity a little painful. So my workouts were reduced to only three times last week, with smaller distances in running. This week my IT band isn’t acting up as much, so I’ve been back at it. Yesterday I was able to run 5 whole miles followed by some weights. Love it.

This weekend I’ll still be a lazy blogger.. going back to DC again to explore! Hopefully I’ll try some new foods, but tonight it’s Chipotle’s Veggie Tacos and HOPEFULLY some sweet green froyo.


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