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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

Haven’t updated this thing in so long. Work has been incredibly busy which is wonderful for me, not wonderful for this blog! I also am in the midst of job applying so my evenings are packed with that, along with my everday chores and of course, cooking!

This past weekend was full of homemade goodness. I spent the weekend in Delaware, and did not go out… instead I job apped, watched movies, and cooked copious amounts of foods (too much foods). Friday, I had a vacation day to go get my car registered so I took my mom out to lunch at Pizzeria Paradisio. I got the Pizza de Mare which was a pizza with tomatoes and mussels on it, and was pretty tasty… I was sad to give the leftovers to my mom but it was her Mother’s Day lunch after all. Afterwards I swooped by Dean & Deluca to grab some treats for the road: Coconut Water and a red velvet mini cupcake. The mini cupcake was delicious, so soft and had a nice cheeselike frosting. My mom complained that hers (the German chocolate mini cupcake) was a little dry, oh well… Dean & Deluca can be hit or miss with a lot of things (especially coffee).

Friday’s dinner was pretty simple, just some pasta and TJ’s tomato sauce. We threw in some smoked herring which added a nice zing to the pasta, as well as some mushrooms. Saturday was my big cooking day. After the bf made us some breakfast burritos, I was craving a snack so I whipped up Oh She Glow‘s Almond Butter Dip. I subbed regular milk (bf does not have almond milk. boo) and added a 1/2 tsp of vanilla extrct. It turned out  yummy and creamy, perfect with green apple slices. For dinner, we made a tofu-yam hash (recipe to come soon) which was pretty good, the leftovers were so good the next day. Sunday we made naan pizzas, and then cooked up some ahi tuna fillets with a quinoa lime salad.

All in all, good weekend, good food.

Because I have only $7 left in food stamps, I will only be eating what I’ve got leftover in my fridge. My only problem is I don’t have really any veggies, except for frozen peas and some celery stalk that is pretty terrible tasting/on its way to being bad. Last night I had some frozen gorgonzola gnocchi from TJ’s with edamame, a rice cake with almond butter, and some dates. Pretty good, pretty filling/relatively low calorie. I’ve been pretty terrible once again with portion control, which I am now really taking steps to monitor… especially before I do a detox later on this month.

Exercise update?

Well yesterday I ran 2.5 miles and did some of the exercises from Fitness Magazine’s Tone Your Trouble Zones workout. My IT Band/hip pain was pretty bad so I was pretty limited with the exercises. I’m going to try and run again today and do some weight lifting; I’m really hoping this IT band pain will stop. I’m considering getting a Swedish massage (there’s a Groupon) for this and my chronic shoulder pain. It’s $40.. can’t decide if it’s worth it.


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