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Sign of Fatness

Loving Food and Living Cheaply

So this past week I’ve been pretty busy at work and then busy doing chores at home, so to be honest blogging hasn’t been a top priority. Ok so half of it is lazyness; but it’s tiring working then working out then running errands! Even my eats have been a little lazy; some ravioli cooking, some dumpling cooking… nothing special (with the exception of my tofu pineapple curry stir fry the other day).

Working out has also been lazier than usual, sort of. The week following my 5k, I started experiencing a lot of pain around my knee and consulted my friend who is a physical therapy grad student. Apparently my IT band was giving me the ouchies, making running a painful endeavor/any athletic activity a little painful. So my workouts were reduced to only three times last week, with smaller distances in running. This week my IT band isn’t acting up as much, so I’ve been back at it. Yesterday I was able to run 5 whole miles followed by some weights. Love it.

This weekend I’ll still be a lazy blogger.. going back to DC again to explore! Hopefully I’ll try some new foods, but tonight it’s Chipotle’s Veggie Tacos and HOPEFULLY some sweet green froyo.


So yesterday’s cardio workout was good, except my weave (hair) was NOT cooperating. I have crazy curly hair, and the humidity was making it super poofy/unwilling to stay in a pony tail. I think I had to stop around 3 times just to fix my hair…. no good. Anyway, I will post the workout once I successfully complete it without stopping/hair issues. After the gym, I spoke with my friend Becky who runs races/does triathalons. I want to do a 10k, and there’s one coming up in June but I’m worried that could be too soon. She thinks I’m ready, but I don’t know I’m still not sure if I will be if I only have a month and a half to train. We’ll see, we at least decided to run a 5k together in May which will be fun!

Anyway, moving on to eats. Last night’s dinner was AMAZING. I sauteed some kale, half an onion, and the rest of my can of salmon in a pan with canola cooking spray and topped it with a homemade spicy almond butter sauce. It was so pretty, and I’m so sad my phone’s camera is on the fritz/my camera is dead. Hopefully I’ll get to put up more pictures in the future… technology is not making it easy. For breakfast, I made a carrot cake bowl that I found in ChocolateCoveredKatie. I probably should have steamed another carrot, so I’m thinking of trying it again tomorrow. Today’s lunch is also pretty and super colorful. I made a salad of kale, onion, celery, soy chorizo, tomato, and red pepper spread, along with a slice of rustico. I nuked it in the microwave for a minute (I didn’t feel like making dressing/didn’t want to overdo it with the pepper spread so I was worried about it being too dry and bland as a salad). The result? Yummy steamedish veggies that I paired with a serving of low sodium V8 juice.

I’ve got to say, I am loving having food because I am just a cooking machine right now.  Tonight might be a freezer food meal, depending on whether or not I’ll be allowed to attend this beginner’s yoga class with my Groupon.

I love when my kitchen is stock-filled with groceries. My breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options are endless… but sadly sometimes I overdo it. Last night for example, I went on a crazy snack binge. Besides dinner, I had celery sticks with roasted red pepper dip, 2 slices of toasted bread with almond butter, a small handful of cereal, and goodness knows what else…  This seems to happen whenever I’m bored, and last night I was indeed bored and just happily overwhelmed by the amount of food.

Well as usual, I need to get “back on that horse” and quit being so indulgent. Today’s breakfast was a yog bowl with Puffins Cereal (which I’m in love with, probably because I’m a crunch addict), flax, frozen pineapple, and a couple of almonds. I then snacked on some seaweed snacks and kumquats throughout the morning… I don’t know what it is about work but I just keep eating and eating… Def a situation that needs remedying.

For lunch, I had a delicious salmon salad sandwich. I used to HATE fish salads; they smelled weird and it’s hard to like them when you hate mayo. Well I found the solution to my fishy salad hating ways: greek yogurt. I combined the canned salmon (which from TJ’s is delicious/wild caught alaskan so win), a couple of dollups of greek yog, 1/2 tsp of nutritional yeast, and a whole ton of sweet and hot mustard. I chopped up some celery to add some crunch to the salad, then toasted two slices of rustico bread and bam: Fishy Salad Sandwich.

After work, I’m going to try this crazy treadmill workout I found in Fitness magazine.. it’s 60 minutes long so I may collapse afterwards. Wish me luck.

Well, I got my food stamps! Before I list the crazy amount of groceries that I got (and trust me, it’s crazy) I’ll recap the past week. I ran my 5k! Had no problem running the entire distance and did so in under 10 minute miles! I honestly loved it; it was freezing but awesome having like 100+ running partners/competitors. I also picked up a bunch of free stuff which I loved: greek yog, 2 water bottles, a t shirt, a kind bar (which was delicious), a cliff bar, and a bunch more. It was a great experience, and I plan on running another one in a month, followed by an 8k in July.

Sunday is when I went to Trader Joe’s and spent 88.76 in food stamps. Yes, absurd.. but Trader Joe’s is just a wonderful place.

I picked up:

2 seaweed snack packages
cannellini beans
pearl tomatoes
soy chorizo
hot and sweet mustard
almond butter
smoked herring filet
maryland style crabcakes
seafood mix
turkey meatballs
masala veggie burgers
eggplant cutlets
multigrain english muffins
celery hearts
gorgonzola gnocchi
vegetable gyoza
edamame with red chile
whole wheat pasta
red pepper and tomato soup
bag of gala apples
bag of yellow onions
liced white mushrooms
multigrain rustico bread (so delicious)
Goat cheese ravioli
cocoa coffee
earth balance
puffins cereal
refried black beans
Tj's roasted garlic marinara
Eggplant red pepper spread

I also went to Whole Foods and Fresh Grocer and picked up:

Graduates sweet potato baby cereal
2 cans of pumpkin
stevia sweetener
coconut oil
almond milk
greek yogurt
siracha sauce
nutritional yeast

And tonight I was exhausted and craving some comfort food, so I decided to try and make some mac n cheese.. with a twist: vegan.

Vegan Mac n Cheese


2 tbsp of hummus

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

3/4 cup of whole wheat penne

1 tbsp water

1 tbsp almond milk

1/2 tbsp earth balance


Cook pasta according to instructions. Combine hummus, nutritional yeast, water, almond milk, and earth balance in a bowl and mix until combined. Cut up some veggies and throw them in there as well if you feel inclined (I cut up some tomatoes). Toss the pasta in the mixture and enjoy

So I don’t know how exactly this happened… but I am seriously, running out of food. Maybe because I splurged on stupid purchases like peppermint extract or whatever I got for the shamrock shake, or maybe because I kept going on random shopping trips, or maybe because I eat primarily at home.. but I have to last through another week and half with $1 in food stamps and very little food. What do I have left? Oats, almonds, some almond butter, agave, cocoa powder, 2 frozen bananas, some kale, 1 thing of celery, 1 package of tofu, three or four chicken sausages, thai curry sauce, less than half a package of quinoa, maybe one serving of pasta, some frozen salmon bits/peas, a can of tomatoes, and a can of salmon. This may sound like a lot.. but for 7+ days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. it could prove interesting.

In other news… I actually took the plunge and weighed myself at the gym. And guess what?! THREE pounds away from my goal weight. I haven’t been this light since sophomore year of college, perhaps earlier. I also haven’t been this toned since.. who knows when (not to say I’m super toned, but I never consistently worked out like I do now).

This would be me sophomore year.. I no longer have the tan, but unfortunately still have the dance moves.

So last night I decided to celebrate with 3 celery sticks with eggplant dip, a whole lotta kale chips (I used pam to save on calories), and my last TJ crab cake with a greek yogurt/mustard dip. Followed that up with banana and strawberry soft serve (1 frozen banana and three frozen strawberries blended with 2 tbsps of greek yogurt). It was all so delicious, and I was so full.

Because of my food crisis, today I had my last green smoothie and I’ll be finishing up my TJ red pepper soup/last masala burger for lunch. Hopefully I’ll get my food stamps soon, this is not a good situation!

31.1! Actually it’s not at all… still got a few years to go. But, I just took the Real Age test which evaluates your real age based on health, diet, exercise, feelings, etc. It was pretty long but pretty informative/a reminder that I really need to go in for a check-up. It’s been years, but sadly the insurance that my current position provides me doesn’t cover the majority of docta visits. Thankfully, the test said that overall my health, diet, and exercise were younger/on point… what aged me was stress/financial stress, etc (not a surprise). All of these are things that will change I believe within a year, but still improvements can always be made now. Anywho if you want to check it out it’s here.

Anyway yesterday was the girls dinner night with my friends Becky and Lindsay. It was nice to see friends and catch up on all the jeopardy episodes this past week (I never get to see jeopardy now because of my workout schedule). I made an avocado anchovy dip along with pita chips, and I made peanut butter oatmeal cookies instead of almond butter. The dip was delicious as usual… and I’m pretty sure I ate the majority of it (cardio makes me hungraaay). My friend Lindsay made us an African couscous that was full of yummy veggies and had a serious kick to it, which I loved. The cookies were actually better than the almond butter ones; I used rolled oats instead of steel cut so the consistency was a lot more light and fluffy. Over all, it was a night of eating, chatting, and some goofin’ around like this:

Last night I had to go somewhere for work to take pictures and conduct interviews. Before I could do so, I had to sit in on a workshop and dinner. They offered me a slice of mushroom pizza, so I accepted. Granted pizza for sure is not on my diet, but the fact was it was free… and I won’t have my food stamps renewed for another 10 days. After the work event I headed to the gym for some cardio: 15 on the bike, 15 on the elliptical, and 15 on the stairmaster. By that time it was already 9 so I decided to head home (which is 40 minutes away). Dinner was at 5 so by the time I got home/right after a workout I was a little hungry. I munched on a couple of rice cakes, a celery stick with some eggplant garlic dip, a slice of pineapple, and a couple of dates.

Today was another free food kind of day. It was a coworker’s last day, so we all ordered sandwiches from a neighborhood deli. I couldn’t pass that up, so I ordered a hummus, roasted red pepper, avocado sandwich on multigrain. The sandwich was good but 90% sure there was little to no avocado. Everyone also brought in some sweet treats.. and I couldn’t resist. That cookie pie? cake? was staring at me. I had a small slice and man, it was delicious.

Tonight I’m headed to a friend’s house to cook up an appetizer and cookies, while she makes the entree. Can’t wait to be with good friends and get our healthy-food grub on.